Nikola Tesla is a Serbian / American inventor who, according to many, revolutionized our world. The importance of his legacy is such that this page is not able to convey. It nevertheless deserves to be posted as there is a whole system of activities that to this day work on diminishing his importance.

From Edison to Marconi, from Westinghouse to JP Morgan, from Roentgen to Einstein, the list of misconceptions supported by the main stream media and scientific circles fearing they will lose their credibility and most everything we know our modern civilization is based on is under question with the genius of Tesla's patents and discoveries, theories and philosophy.

The time is getting closer when the real truth will not be able to remain covered up. More and more people are aware of the importance of this man and the time will come for his full rehabilitation.

This page is a small contribution to uncovering this truth.

 ...Tesla Museum
in Belgrade
, Serbia...

... Tesla monument
in front of
Technical Faculty in Belgrade ...

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